HSPICE Integrator Program  

Enabling Interoperability with HSPICE    

Synopsys' HSPICE Integrator Program promotes integration between Synopsys' HSPICE simulation solution and other EDA products.

The HSPICE Integrator Program enables qualified EDA vendors to integrate their products with HSPICE simulator and Custom WaveView. In addition, qualified HSPICE Integrator Program members have access to HSPICE integrator application programming interfaces (APIs). Collaboration between HSPICE Integrator Program members will enable customers to achieve more thorough design verification in a shorter period of time from the improvements offered by inter-company EDA design solutions.

Member Benefits

  • Increased visibility and co-marketing with HSPICE
    • Links to/from Synopsys HSPICE web sites
    • HSPICE Integrator banner for use on web and event signs
    • Opportunities for contributed articles and press releases
  • Event participation
    • SNUG Vendor Fair
    • EDA Interoperability Developers' Forum
  • HSPICE keys for customer demonstrations on a case-by-case basis
  • Facilitate integration with HSPICE
    • Access to HSPICE, HSPICE RF, & WaveView Analyzer at no charge (through Synopsys' in-Sync program)
    • Beta versions of HSPICE on a case-by-case basis
    • Access to tr0 waveform format reader

Membership Requirements
  • Feature HSPICE Integrator advertisement on your appropriate product web pages, linking to www.HSPICE.com
  • Deliver product integrated with HSPICE within 9 months
  • Specify support for HSPICE and HSPICE formats in product datasheets
  • Allow use of company logo in conjunction with HSPICE web site & collateral

Applying for Membership
  • Contact Us for an application form
  • Complete the HSPICE Integrator Program application

If your company qualifies for membership:
  • Provide logo and URL for HSPICE web site
  • Add HSPICE Integrator logo and links to your web site
  • Sign in-Sync Program & License Agreement
  • Welcome!