The industry standard for hardware description and verification  

IEEE Standard 1800™ SystemVerilog is the industry's unified hardware description and verification language (HDVL) standard. SystemVerilog is a significant evolution of the traditional Verilog hardware description language. Its use dramatically improves productivity in the development of large-gate-count, IP-based, and bus-intensive chips. SystemVerilog is targeted primarily at the chip implementation and verification flows, with powerful links to the system-level design flow. SystemVerilog has been adopted by hundreds of semiconductor design companies and is supported by more than 75 EDA, IP, and training solutions providers worldwide.

IEEE Standard 1800™-2012 SystemVerilog LRM can be downloaded through the IEEE-SA and industry support, in PDF format, at no charge from

Synopsys’ support for SystemVerilog
As a pioneer in the development of the SystemVerilog standard, Synopsys provides comprehensive support for SystemVerilog throughout its solutions, platforms, and design and verification tools.