Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC)  

Describing the design intent and constraints 

Synopsys' widely-used design constraints format, known as SDC, describes the "design intent" and surrounding constraints for synthesis, clocking, timing, power, test and environmental and operating conditions. SDC has been in use and evolving for more than 20 years, making it the most popular and proven format for describing design constraints. Essentially all synthesized designs use SDC and numerous EDA companies have translators that can read and process SDC.

Open Source SDC Parser
SDC licensees are encouraged to download and incorporate into their products the TCL-based SDC open source parser. The SDC parser enables EDA developers to save time, expense and risk associated with developing independent, non-standard tool interfaces. The parser enables all EDA tools to follow the standard, ensuring continual compliance with the SDC open source format while greatly improving interoperability for EDA customers. The SDC parser is free-of-charge and available to all SDC licensees.

SDC License Information
An SDC license gives the licensee the right to use the SDC format to describe design intent and constraints. For an EDA vendor, an SDC license allows the vendor to develop tools to read in and write out data coded in the SDC format. For an ASIC or Library vendor, it allows them to write internal applications to read and write data coded in SDC, and it allows them to distribute design data coded in SDC to their customers and all the EDA vendors who have licensed SDC. In a university, an SDC license allows it to develop applications to read in and write out data coded in SDC. In addition, SDC licensees receive documentation and support.

How To Become an SDC Licensee
The open source license for SDC is free and available now. View the license agreement. To download, Register Now! to receive your password and login codes.

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