ARM-Synopsys Collaboration 

Optimized Solutions for ARM Powered® Products 

ARM and Synopsys have been collaborating for more than 20 years, enabling designers to more quickly and efficiently create leading edge ARM Powered products.

Synopsys offers optimized solutions and expert professional services to accelerate innovation throughout the ARM Powered product design flow. Taking full advantage of Synopsys' industry leading tools and technologies, these solutions utilize the Galaxy Implementation and Discovery Verification Platforms, HAPS FPGA-based prototyping systems, Virtualizer virtual prototyping and Platform Architect architecture design tool sets, and DesignWare IP.

Today, the majority of advanced SoCs based on ARM processors are designed using Synopsys solutions.

  • Optimized Solutions

Synopsys offers comprehensive solutions to help you quickly achieve the target frequency and energy efficiency for your ARM Powered® SoCs. Working with ARM on synthesizable processors since 1997, Synopsys has offered optimized ARM® processor implementation solutions including Galaxy Implementation and Discovery Verification Platform tools, the Lynx Design System, DesignWare IP, methodology and services. Today, the majority of advanced SoCs based on ARM processors are designed using Synopsys solutions.

ARM and Synopsys have collaborated on numerous design and  verification initiatives, including SystemVerilog, verification methodology, simulation performance, low power verification, debug solutions, and verification IP for AMBA interconnect.

The Virtualizer™ Development Kit (VDK) Family for ARM Processors offers a wide range of models and software tools to span the virtual prototypes application domain.

Hybrid prototyping can easily integrate high-performance ARM® Cortex™ processor models, transactors for ARM AMBA® interconnect and Synopsys DesignWare® IP with the rest of your design.

The HAPS (High-performance ASIC Prototyping Systems) family of products provides an integrated and scalable hardware-software solution leveraged by design and verification teams to improve their ASIC design schedules and avoid costly device re-spins. HAPS® supports all ARM cores & select ARM RealView® CoreTiles.