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Selection of SEUA students for Synopsys Educational program Academic year 2010-2011 

The selection of the SEUA students for Synopsys Educational program takes place according to the Announcement of the contest for the next academic year for Bachelor study made by State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) and Synopsys Armenia CJSC. The Synopsys Educational program is conducting through the SEUA Microelectronic circuits and systems interfaculty chair located in Synopsys Armenia Educational Department.

Eligible candidates are students who have completed their second year of study with at least 4 points average results. Students from following specialties are allowed to participate:
  • VLSI Design specialization
    • Computer Systems and Informatics
    • Radio Engineering and Communication Systems (all specialties except for Economics and Management of Enterprises (in Communication Field)
    • Cybernetics (specialty of Microelectronics)
  • EDA specialization
    • Computer Systems and Informatics (all specializations)
The selection procedure is in three stages:
  • General interview
  • Foreign language
  • Interview on basic knowledge in specialty (creativeness, computer science and programming, electrical engineering, physical basics of microelectronics, mathematics and physics). The interview is graded in 100-point system
Students who have passed first two stages are allowed to participate in third one.

Selection is based on the results of the third stage.

Applicants from Computer Systems and Informatics faculty can apply for the contest of both specializations.

Applications are submitting according to the Announcement made by SEUA and Synopsys Armenia to the corresponding faculty deans.

Poster of Selection of SEUA students for Academic year 2010-2011

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