Physical Implementation
Accelerating Time to a Quality Floorplan: Cisco Systems and Synopsys Share Their Insights
Learn how IC Compiler’s new Data Flow Analysis (DFA) technology enables designers to accelerate time to a quality floorplan. Cisco Systems shares their experiences deploying this technology on a 100+ million gate ASIC to reduce floorplanning iterations with ASIC vendors and quickly identify and validate macro placement for the best quality of results.
Krishna Kumar Gundavarapu, Technical Leader, Cisco; Steve Kister, Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Apr 23, 2014

Putting the Smarts into Smart Things - Designing ICs for the Internet of Things
Learn about the trends and challenges designers face when designing next-generation MCUs, and the latest Synopsys design and implementation tool technologies with proven DesignWare IP solutions.
Andy Biddle, Solutions Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Dec 17, 2013

Enabling High-Frequency Clock Design: Imagination Technologies and Synopsys Share Their Perspectives
Imagination Technologies discusses their high frequency design requirements and clock design strategies and Synopsys presents clock implementation technologies available in IC Compiler that boost performance, including the new concurrent clock and data optimization capability.
Stuart Vernon, Director of Physical Design, Imagination Technologies Limited; Sumit Roy, Group Director of R&D, IC Compiler, Synopsys
Oct 24, 2013

Samsung Foundry and Synopsys Discuss Enabling 14-nm FinFET Design
Samsung Foundry and Synopsys present the challenges and opportunities of manufacturing with Samsung's 14-nm FinFET process and how these changes impact design enablement.
Dr. Kuang-Kuo Lin, Director, Foundry Design Enablement, Samsung Semiconductor Inc. (SSI); Dr. Henry Sheng, Senior Director of R&D, Synopsys
May 28, 2013

Recover Leakage and Maintain Signoff Timing – with Customer Case Studies
This webinar will introduce PrimeTime ECO technology designed to recover leakage power, without introducing timing violations. We’ll share customer data that shows leakage power recovery up to 40%.
Rupesh Nayak, R&D Manager, Synopsys; Sasan Absalan, Corporate Applications Engineer, Synopsys
Jan 29, 2013

Accelerate Design Closure with PrimeRail In-Design Rail Analysis
Hear how to use PrimeRail’s In-Design Rail Analysis within IC Compiler to help you identify problems early in the design cycle and achieve faster design closure.
Jason Binney, Priciple CAE, Synopsys
Jan 23, 2013

Samsung and Synopsys Share Multicorner-Multimode Perspectives
This webinar highlights strategies for dealing with the large number of scenarios in the physical implementation flow. Samsung Semiconductor Inc. shares their experience using the IC Compiler- based MCMM solution to successfully meet their aggressive design objectives and Synopsys shares its multicorner-multimode (MCMM) design solution for addressing variability and design complexity at advanced technology nodes.
Santhosh Pillai, Senior Engineering Manager, Samsung, San Jose (SSI); Thomas Andersen, Director of R&D, IC Compiler, Synopsys
Oct 31, 2012

Accelerate Time-to-Tapeout with IC Compiler Custom Co-Design
Learn how using IC Compiler and Galaxy Custom Designer accelerates the SoC design cycle by enabling quick and reliable custom edits to IC Compiler designs at any stage of development.
Christopher Shaw, Senior Staff Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys; Randy Bishop, Principal Engineer, Synopsys
Oct 24, 2012

Streamlining Your ECO Flow For Fastest Setup, Hold and Timing DRC Closure
Learn what’s new with timing-aware DRC guidance for ECOs and which design flow and tool settings provide the fastest timing closure at 28 nm and below.
Tzong-Maw Tsai, Director, CAE, Implementation Group, Synopsys; Vivek Ghante, Staff Corporate Applications Engineer, Implementation Group, Synopsys
Mar 14, 2012

Use IC Compiler and Custom Designer to Shave Weeks Off Your SoC Development Cycle
Learn how the seamless integration between IC Compiler and Galaxy Custom Designer accelerates the SoC design cycle by enabling quick and reliable custom edits at any stage of development.
Chris Shaw, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys; Denis Goinard, CAE Manager, Synopsys
Oct 19, 2011

Save Weeks Fixing ECOs with PrimeTime and IC Compiler
See how design teams are saving weeks during implementation and signoff. Learn how PrimeTime Next-Generation ECO guidance and IC Compiler automatically fix DRC, setup and hold violations to reduce it.
Troy Epperly, Staff Engineer, CAE, Implementation Group, Synopsys; Tzong-Maw Tsai, Director, CAE, Implementation Group, Synopsys
Jul 20, 2011

Optimize in Less Time: Rapid Design Exploration with Lynx Design System
Every SoC design requires a unique implementation strategy to navigate the tradeoffs between power, performance and area to achieve the best results for the specific use.
Aditya Ramachandran, CAE, Lynx Design System, Synopsys
Jul 19, 2011

Faster ECO Fixing Flows with PrimeTime and IC Compiler
This technical webinar will explain how IC Compiler and PrimeTime can be used to close timing during signoff. It will focus on the use of Distributed Multi-Scenario Analysis for automatic set-up and hold fixing, and will explain new PrimeTime 2010.06 DRC fixing capabilities. Attendees will learn how to minimize fixing run times, which approaches are best for closing setup and hold violations, and how to deploy SI fixing most effectively.
Uyen Tran, Director, CAE, Implementation Group, Synopsys; Jennifer Pyon, Senior Staff Engineer, CAE, Implementation Group, Synopsys
Jul 20, 2010