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Prototype Like a Pro
Mar 24, 2016

What’s Next for System-Level Power Modeling?
Mar 23, 2016

Enabling Wireless Connectivity in Energy-Efficient IoT Designs with Bluetooth Smart IP
Mar 21, 2016

Case study: Analyzing an Electric Vehicle Powertrain Using Virtual FMEA
Mar 09, 2016

Boost Analog Design Model Accuracy
Mar 03, 2016

FMEA in Automotive Software Development Using Virtual Prototyping, Physical Modeling and Simulation
Mar 02, 2016

Talk Fast and Stop
Feb 25, 2016

Floorplanning Complex SOCs With Multiple Levels of Physical Hierarchy
Feb 22, 2016

Feb 11, 2016

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys Streamline the Move to 22nm FD-SOI
Feb 09, 2016

Don't Over-constrain in formal Property Verification Flows
Feb 04, 2016

Save Power in IoT SoCs by Leveraging ADC Characteristics
Feb 02, 2016

Optical Design: Software tools Design Freeform Optics for Illumination
Feb 01, 2016

Prototyping in The Driver’s Seat for ADAS Development
Jan 28, 2016

Automotive Ethernet Moving to Time-Sensitive Environments
Jan 26, 2016

Six Things to Know about Processors for Your Embedded Designs
Jan 21, 2016

Using End-to-End Prototyping to Reduce the Impact of Rising Software Content in SoCs
Jan 20, 2016

Reachable or Reached, Covered or Coverable--Is It Just Semantics
Jan 19, 2016

Can Your Automotive MCU Scale to New Features?
Jan 19, 2016

2026: I Can Only Imagine...
Jan 14, 2016

FPGA Design: Faster Runtimes and increased Productivity
Jan 13, 2016

Processor Configuration for Low-Power IoT Applications
Jan 12, 2016

FPGA Design for Functional Safety
Jan 11, 2016

Thought You Had Verified Your SoC? You Probably Only Did Half
Jan 05, 2016