Contributed Articles 

OPC Modeling Game Changer: Rigorously-Tuned Compact Modeling
Nov 13, 2014

Using Multicore Processors to Accelerate Your High-Performance Embedded Linux Applications
Nov 06, 2014

Sensors are Ubiquitous: Fusion Makes Them More Useful
Nov 01, 2014

A Short Introduction to IC Compiler II
Oct 30, 2014

The Next Wave of Verification Innovation
Oct 28, 2014

10Gbits USB 3.1 IP and Verification Support on the Way
Oct 28, 2014

Enabling Symmetric Multiprocessing for Embedded Linux on ARC Processor Cores
Oct 27, 2014

MIPI D-PHY v1.2 Helps Save Cost, Power in Image-Sensor and Display Apps
Oct 21, 2014

Finding and fixing faults in finFET memories
Oct 10, 2014

Leveraging Virtual Prototypes for Hybrid Emulation
Sep 25, 2014

Using optimized design flows to meet PPA goals for SoC processor cores
Sep 18, 2014

Rigorously tuned compact models: Extending predictive models to full-chip
Sep 16, 2014

Advances In Power Management For Physical IP In 28nm And FinFET Process Nodes
Sep 11, 2014

Testing for Security: Key to Automotive Development
Sep 04, 2014

Transaction-Based Emulation Helps Tame SoC Verification
Sep 03, 2014

Design enablement and entitlement for 14/16-nm FinFET processes
Sep 02, 2014

Six key criteria for deciding to migrate to a finFET process
Aug 27, 2014

Numbers for Sale: A Different Kind of Standard
Aug 26, 2014

Hybrid emulation for development, validation and verification
Aug 19, 2014

Power reduction techniques
Aug 07, 2014

Accurate analysis of multi-Gigabit systems using HSPICE
Aug 06, 2014

LPDDR4 DRAM Meets Mobile Power and Performance Demands
Jul 28, 2014

Using standardized design flows to cut time to tape-out – and speed design-flow evolution
Jul 25, 2014

Planning For The Unexpected
Jul 24, 2014