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Synopsys Korea Inc.
H Square Building North
Fifth Floor, Suite / Room 501,
681 Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
463-400 South Korea
Tel: +82 2 3404 2700
Fax: +82 2 3404 9393
Email: kor_feedback@synopsys.com

Korea Workshop Schedule: 2014

Date WorkshopCityCost
Jan. 7FormalityUS$300.00
Jan. 8-9XA-Advanced XAUS$600.00
Jan. 14-15FineSimUS$600.00
Jan. 21-22Advanced ICCUS$600.00
Jan. 23-24SiliconSmartUS$600.00
Feb. 4-6DC(G)US$900.00
Feb. 11-13Laker T1US$600.00
Feb. 18Low Power FlowUS$300.00
Feb. 26-27IC ValidatorUS$600.00
Mar. 4-5PrimeTimeUS$600.00
Mar. 11-13LakerUS$900.00
Mar. 18-20DFT CompilerUS$900.00
Mar. 21VCSUS$300.00
Mar. 25-26StarRCUS$600.00
Mar. 27Verdi BasicUS$300.00
Apr. 8-9Advanced ICCUS$600.00
Apr. 15-17TetraMAX+DSMUS$900.00
Apr. 22-23Platform ArchitectureUS$600.00
May 7-8XA+Advanced XAUS$600.00
May 13Low Power FlowUS$300.00
May 14-16Laker T1US$900.00
May 20-21HLS – Synpony C CompilerUS$600.00
June 3-5DC(G)US$900.00
June 10-11PrimeTimeUS$600.00
June 11-13LakerUS$900.00
June 17-18FineSimUS$600.00
June 24-25Verdi BasicUS$600.00
July 1FormalityUS$300.00
July 8-10IC ValidatorUS$900.00
July 17VCSUS$300.00
July 22-23Advanced ICCUS$600.00
July 29-30SiliconSmartUS$600.00
Aug. 19Low Power FlowUS$300.00
Sep. 2-4TetraMAX+DSMUS$900.00
Sep. 16-18DFT CompilerUS$900.00
Oct. 14-15Advanced ICCUS$600.00
Oct. 16DFT CompilerUS$300.00
Oct. 21-22StarRCUS$600.00
Oct. 28-30PrimeTimeUS$900.00
** Synopsys reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule the workshops **

Please go to http://inter.viewcentral.com/reg/Synopsys/search and select the course listed in the table for course details.
Daily Class Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm


City: Seoul
Registration can be made by contacting your respective sales person or KangBum Lee at email: kblee@synopsys.com or
Tel: 82-2-3404-2700

Training registration form (PDF)
Registration via fax. Please print, complete and fax to 82-2-3404-9393.