DesignWare IP Subsystems 


As both hardware and software complexity increases, more advanced and integrated IP solutions are required to help designers meet their aggressive project schedules without compromising quality. Synopsys provides designers with a pre-verified DesignWare® Audio IP Subsystem and Sensor & Control IP Subsystem consisting of hardware and software solutions that deliver complete, complex functions that are ready to integrate into an SoC.

By pre-integrating specific IP blocks together with an efficient processor and software in a single subsystem, Synopsys gives designers configurable, SoC-ready subsystem solutions that can significantly reduce their design and integration effort, lower design risk and accelerate time-to-market.

PDF DesignWare Audio IP Subsystem Datasheet
PDF DesignWare Sensor & Control IP Subsystem
PDF The Rise of SIP Subsystems: What is the Value to Silicon Architects and SoC Designers (White Paper)

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Complete, configurable audio IP subsystem, supporting 2.0 to 7.1 audio streams with 24-bit precision to meet requirements of a range of audio applications such as digital TVs, set-top-boxes and portable audio devices

Complete, configurable sensor & control IP subsystem designed to process data from digital and analog sensors, and always-on audio sources. This offloads the host processor and enables more power-efficient processing of the data.

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