DesignWare ARC Development Tools 


Synopsys offers a complete suite of development tools to support our comprehensive portfolio of DesignWare® ARC® processors. These tools enable our customers to efficiently build, debug, profile and optimize their embedded software applications for ARC, while the comprehensive set of processor models makes it possible for you to get an early start on software development prior to hardware availability.

Synopsys offers both a premium MetaWare toolkit and a free GNU toolchain for ARC. Developed and supported in-house in close collaboration with the ARC processor core development team, these tools offer early availability and full coverage for all options and extensions offered by the ARC processor architecture and ensure the best quality and support.

The compilation tools leverage decades of compiler expertise and feature industry-leading code density without compromising on performance. They are tested against industry-standard compiler validation suites, as well as an extensive set of internal compiler verification and validation tests.

The comprehensive ARC processor model portfolio offers capabilities including cycle-accurate simulation, fast-timed simulation and high-speed instruction accurate simulation. These models come with extensive SystemC support, including integration in the Synopsys Virtualizer and PA-MCO virtual prototype solutions. An ARC HS38 Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for early software development on ARC Linux is also available.

In addition to the tools offered by Synopsys, there is an extensive and rapidly growing list of 3rd party tools for the ARC processors offered by industry-leading vendors.

PDFDesignWare ARC Processors Portfolio Brochure


  • Products
  • MetaWare
  • Premium SW development tool-chain for ARC processorsmore

Complete solution leveraging decades of compiler technology, offers industry-leading code density without compromising on performance

  • GNU
  • Open-source toolchain for ARC processorsmore

Complete suite of GNU tools optimized for ARC targeting Linux and bare metal systems

Instruction-accurate processor model for DesignWare ARC processors

High-performance, cycle-accurate simulator

VDK for ARC HS38 Processor
One-stop shop for ARC HS processor-based VDKs

ARC EM Starter Kit
Easy-to-use ARC EM starter kit enables early software development

ARC SW Development Kit
Ready to use out of the box for early software development

Support for ARC processor cores by leading embedded hardware and software vendors to enable developers to choose the best tools for the job

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