SemiWiki: Two New Announcements at ITC from Synopsys
Oct 22, 2014

Electronic Design: MIPI D-PHY v1.2 Helps Save Cost, Power in Image-Sensor and Display Apps
Oct 21, 2014

Tech Design Forum: Finding and fixing faults in finFET memories
Oct 14, 2014

SemiWiki: MIPI Alliance introduces C-PHY, Synopsys launch C-PHY VIP the same day
Sep 18, 2014

Semiconductor Engineering: Advances In Power Management For Physical IP In 28nm And FinFET Process Nodes
Sep 11, 2014

Tech Design Forum: Six key criteria for deciding to migrate to a finFET process
Aug 27, 2014

SemiWiki: FinFETs for your Next SoC
Aug 24, 2014

SemiWiki: How to Trim Automotive Sensor?
Jul 30, 2014

Automotive DesignLine: Is Your Processor IP ISO 26262-Compliant?
Jul 21, 2014

Electronic Design: Apply IEEE 1500 to Integrate Multiple JTAG Chains in SoCs
Jul 17, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: IP Accelerated: IP Integration with Less Effort, Lower Risk, and Faster Time-to-Market
Jul 11, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Low-Power Processor Solutions for Always-On Devices
Jul 11, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: PCI Express Controller Design Challenges at 16 GT/s
Jul 11, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Designing for Success: USB IP for FinFET Processes
Jul 11, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: Design Considerations for Non-Volatile Memory IP in Automotive Applications
Jul 11, 2014

DesignWare Technical Bulletin: DDR Hardening Demystified
Jul 11, 2014

Tech Design Forum: Using Ethernet in Automotive Networks
Jul 09, 2014

Electronic Design: Define Analog Sensor Interfaces In IoT SoCs
Jul 01, 2014

SemiWiki: ARC EM DSP Supports Always-On Devices
Jun 22, 2014

EE Journal: Synopsys’s IP Initiative
Jun 17, 2014

EDA Express: Synopsys has come up with a new IP solution "IP Accelerated Initiative" (In Japanese)
Jun 17, 2014

SemiWiki: IP Accelerated (Bye Bye EDA 360)
Jun 12, 2014

New Electronics: Synopsys expands scope of IP offering with design-in, customisation support
Jun 10, 2014

Chip Estimate: Optimized Memory for Hardening CPU, GPU and DSP Cores
Jun 10, 2014

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