FPGA-based Prototyping 

Enable software development earlier with physical prototypes 
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Chip design teams can improve time-to-market and avoid costly re-spins by using FPGA-based physical prototypes to accelerate system validation. FPGA-based prototypes enable embedded software developers to use actual hardware earlier in the design cycle, permitting pre-silicon validation and hardware/software integration prior to chip fabrication.

Synopsys’ FPGA-based prototyping solution is a complete suite of tightly integrated, easy-to-use products comprising HAPS® (High-performance ASIC Prototyping System™) hardware and ProtoCompiler prototyping software that includes automation features for ASIC migration, multi-FPGA partitioning, FPGA synthesis, and debug.

Synopsys consultants provide methodology and implementation expertise to help deploy a prototyping flow that efficiently maps ASIC-targeted RTL to Synopsys' HAPS series prototyping systems. Synopsys engineers work collaboratively with a customer's design team to define the flow and assist with the prototype implementation. The focus is on creating a robust, reusable prototyping flow which maps a SoC design into hardware that enables "real world" testing and software integration in advance of ASIC availability.

Synopsys' FPGA-based prototyping services include assistance with:

  • Prototyping methodology development
  • Test environment development and integration assistance
  • Adapting ASIC-targeted RTL for FPGA(s) (e.g., migrating memories, clocks and IP)
  • Configuring HAPS hardware (e.g., mapping standard interfaces and connectivity)
  • Optimizing your FPGA-based prototyping flow setup for RTL debug
  • DesignWare® IP integration
  • HAPS daughter board design advice
  • IP block up through complete SoC system configuration, programming, and chaining support
  • Connecting prototypes to external hardware models and verification tools

Rapid Prototyping

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