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The rapid growth of automotive electronics provides unique challenges for global design teams to meet reliability, time to market and cost-effectiveness goals. Whether you are implementing mixed-signal custom ICs, advanced FPGAs, developing sub-systems, integrating complete vehicle systems, developing embedded software or enabling hardware/software co-design, Synopsys provides comprehensive set of tools for today’s complex automotive design flows.
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Electronics continue to infiltrate all aspects of automotive design as consumer demand for safety, performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability continues to grow. Automotive design relies on an efficient exchange of design information across the supply chain. Electronic design incorporates semiconductor, FPGA, PCB, sub-system, system, and software design. Integrating all these aspects of electronics requires careful attention to component design and system interactions to reduce costs and warranty recalls, meet performance specification, and enhance vehicle reliability.

Synopsys has the tools you need for electronic automotive design including:

Synopsys has the tools and methodologies necessary for today’s complex automotive designs from silicon to full systems. Synopsys automotive solutions can help:

  • Reduce warranty recalls by increasing component and system reliability
  • Respond to changing consumer requirements in safety, fuel efficiency, communication, and performance
  • Reduce design cycle time with virtual prototyping & verification tools
  • Verify electronic function at the IC, FPGA, PCB, mechatronic system, and embedded software level
  • Develop IC designs requiring specialized device types for power and reliability in harsh environments
  • Create mixed-signal, full-custom and standard cell ICs for communication, body and engine control, safety, fuel, emissions, and other automotive functions
  • Use embedded software to control functions and enhance performance
  • Verify component and system interaction across multiple physical domains (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, magnetic)
  • Deploy reliability and Robust Design methodologies to reduce cost and meet performance criteria
  • Exchange model information across the design chain to ensure accuracy and system reliability
  • Develop software early, in parallel with hardware development and in a more productive, fully controllable, virtual prototyping environment representing your chip, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and vehicle network.

IC Design & Verification
Automotive semiconductors have revolutionized vehicle design, making it possible to precisely control and manage an array of functions previously serviced by several systems. Integrated circuits common in automotive design include analog/mixed-signal, DSPs, and ECUs networked together to provide critical functions such as safety, vehicle dynamics, communications, engine and powertrain controls, etc. Synopsys is a world leader in IC and SoC design tools for automotive design including IC implementation, verification, and manufacturing, for efficient and cost-effective semiconductor design in harsh environments.

IC Manufacturing
Automotive design requires specialized device types for power and reliability. Synopsys offers leading-edge design for manufacturing and technology exploration (TCAD) tools to ensure the most appropriate device designs for specific automotive applications to ensure efficient operation, long-term reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

FPGA Design
FPGAs provide the flexibility to quickly support new electrical functions without committing to the cost and design cycle time of traditional ASICs or ASSPs. Synopsys has a full-range of FPGA design and verification tools.

PCB Design
Integrate PCB designs in the supply chain flow. We partner with leading PCB design tool providers to incorporate chip & FPGA design. Synopsys also provides industry recognized simulation and analysis for PCB verification.

Mechatronic Design Tools
Mechatronic Systems combine aspects of mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines to control and drive vehicle operations. Mechatronic design tools help design and verify individual components and systems interaction to increase reliability, reduce costs, and meet performance criteria. Learn more about implementing Robust Design methods in automotive systems.

Systems Design – Software and Hardware/Software Co-design
Automotive electronic systems are growing in complexity. The continuous demand for more functionality, reliability and consumer capabilities is resulting in growing software content and hardware complexity. Synopsys system-level design tools enable automotive semiconductor, Tier One and OEM companies to address the associated development challenges such as to increased project risks and extended development cycle. For Tier One suppliers and OEMs, Synopsys delivers virtual prototyping technology. These virtual prototypes are models of electronic control units, car navigation, infotainment devices or networked devices in the car. They are used to develop software early and in parallel to the hardware development. They deliver more efficient tools and remove the dependency on the availability of the physical hardware. For the semiconductor companies, Synopsys system-level design tools provide the capabilities to optimize the hardware architecture using Platform Architect , to efficiently implement programmable accelerators using Processor Designer, and to develop embedded software early and leverage it in the verification process using virtual prototypes.

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