Mil/Aero Solution 

Accelerating Innovation in Mil/Aero Electronics Design  

Electronics design for Military and Aerospace applications requires high performance ASIC/FPGA implementation, multi-domain verification capabilities and maximum flow traceability for compliance to standards such as DO-254.

The Synopsys Mil/Aero Solution enables powerful ASIC and FPGA implementation, addresses complex verification requirements across physical domains, and facilitates the documentation and tracking needed for hardware standards compliance and certification.

Download DO-254 datasheet

Several key factors must be addressed when defining and implementing the design of IC, components, and systems that are destined for use in Aerospace and/or Military applications. Among these are:

Synopsys offers a powerful lineup of methodologies and technologies that can aid in managing these factors successfully, and bring significant benefit to the designers of military and aerospace hardware.

Synopsys solutions have been trusted by the world's top manufacturers of Mil/Aero electronics to provide the right mix of applications, methodologies, and IP to help them achieve complex, high-reliability systems.

The key benefits that you can realize by using Synopsys for Mil/Aero focused designs include:

DO-254 was formally recognized in 2005 as the standard for ensuring the highest level of safety in electronic airborne systems. As a process based standard, DO-254 does not specify or certify individual tools, but requires that the development and verification of complex hardware complies with a predetermined process of rigorous, structured design and verification.

Compliance to this standard involves a process that is more rigorous than the standard ASIC/FPGA design and verification flow; it mandates to ensure a fully traceable flow where all simulation waveforms, regression status, coverage figures must be documented, traceable and linked to the formal requirements.

Synopsys helps you meet the challenge of building a DO-254 compliant flow with:

For more details about implementing a DO-254 compliant flow, please read the whitepaper entitled "Understanding DO-254 Compliance for the Verification of Airborne Digital Hardware"

Building devices for today's Military and Aerospace markets requires flexible, proven technology in implementation, multi-domain verification, and debugging, Synopsys offers a powerful roster of technology to help you succeed:

Electronic / Mechatronic System Verification
Saber - comprehensive multi-domain simulation and analysis technology for achieving optimal design performance and reliability.

System-Level Design
System Studio, a system-level design tool used heavily for algorithm definition.

Innovator, a virtual modeling environment that aids fast design and debug of software in advance of finished hardware.

Galaxy™ Implementation Platform , a comprehensive solution for cell-based and custom IC implementation, including logic synthesis & test, signoff, and physical verification.

Discovery™ Verification Platform provides comprehensive functional verification and analog/ mixed signal/RF simulation products.

Programmable Devices
Synplify® FPGA Design Solution– high-reliability tools for producing high-performing, cost-effective FPGA designs from Verilog, VHDL or SystemVerilog descriptions.

Synphony HLS–high level synthesis (HLS) technology that provides an efficient path from M- language and model-based algorithm concepts to ASIC or FPGA devices.

FPGA-Based Prototyping– a hardware-assisted verification solution using FPGAs for prototyping and verification of ASIC designs.