Release Specific Support 

Supported Platforms Guide V-Foundation 

This guide lists the Platinum and Gold platforms supported by the Synopsys V-Foundation Releases 2003.12, 2004.03 and 2004.06. A platform consists of the computer architecture and the operating system version. Every Synopsys product may not be available on every platform listed below. For an exact listing of platform availability for each Synopsys product, consult the Synopsys Release Library at

Use the following index to jump directly to the V-Foundation Operating System and Patch recommendations:

Platinum PlatformsGold Platforms
Sun Solaris 32-bit & 64-bit
HP-UX 32-bit & 64-bit
X86 Linux 32-bit
RS6000 AIX 32-bit
RS6000 AIX 64-bit
X86 Windows NT
DEC Alpha Tru64 UNIX
Itanium 2 Linux 64-bit
AMD64 (Opteron) 64-bit

A Baseline Operating System is the OS version that Synopsys products are compiled and tested on. A Binary Compatible Operating System is an OS version that has been qualified for the baseline build of Synopsys products through testing. All Synopsys products are not tested on every binary compatible operating system listed. For an exact listing of binary compatible platform availability for each Synopsys product, consult the Synopsys Release Library at

Recommended run-time patches for each platform are also presented in this guide. Synopsys employs a Qualified System Configuration (QSC) for each release foundation. The baseline patch versions of this QSC are published below. Platform vendors are continuously releasing operating system patch updates so in most cases the baseline patch versions we specify are no longer available from the vendor. The extensive testing we perform with every release has verified that Synopsys products are not sensitive to patch versions. We therefore recommend that systems be configured with these baseline patches or the latest versions of these patches recommended by the platform vendor.

Platinum Platforms

Sun Solaris 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Baseline Operating System: Solaris 8
    • Recommended Solaris 8 Runtime Patches:
      Solaris 8 Patch Cluster - version 3/18/03. Standard Sun patch cluster
      107104-13: Conditional patch for OpenGL 1.1.2; recommended by Sun
      108131-17: Conditional patch for OpenGL 1.2; recommended by Sun
      • 108940-51: Motif 1.2.7 and 2.1.1 runtime library patch; COSSAP has demonstrated the need for the -37 or later version of this patch.

      108921-16: Conditional patch for CDE 1.4 dtwm.
  • Binary Compatible Operating System: Solaris 9
  • Recommended Solaris 9 Runtime Patches: None
    HP (PA-RISC 2.0) HP-UX 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: HP-UX 11.0
    • Recommended HP-UX 11.0 Runtime Patches:
      HP Support Plus (Easy-Setup) March 2003 for HP-UX 11.0. This is HP's bundled patch mechanism for EDA systems that includes:
      QPK1100 - March 2003
      HWE1100 - March 2003
      PHCO_26449: Rock Ridge extension to mount_cdfs. This patch is required to read the Synopsys documentation CD for release 2003.06 and beyond. This patch has two prerequisite patches that must also be installed, PHKL_26450 and PHKL_28060.
    • Binary Compatible Operating System: HP-UX 11.11
      Recommended HP-UX 11.11 Runtime Patches:
      Bundle11i - September 2002
      HWE11i - September 2002
      GoldBase11i - June 2002
      GoldApps11i - June 2002
      PHCO_28025 and PHCO_26296 are recommended for reading the Synopsys documentation CD for releases 2003.06 and beyond

    Note: HP-UX booted in 32-bit mode is not supported

    X86 (IA-32) Linux 32-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: Red Hat Linux version 7.2 (2.4.7-10 Kernel)
    • Recommended Red Hat 7.2 Runtime Patches: None
    • Binary Compatible Operating Systems:
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 2.1 (AS, ES, WS)
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3.0 (AS, ES, WS)
    • Additional Red Hat Linux versions:
      Red Hat Linux version 7.3 (2.4.18-3 Kernel)
      Red Hat Linux version 8.0 (2.4.18-14 Kernel)
      Special Patched Red Hat 7.1 (2.4.9-34lxset2 Kernel)
    • LINUX BINARY COMPATIBILITY: Red Hat does not guarantee version-to-version binary compatibility of its consumer Linux releases. Therefore, even though a Synopsys product has been successfully tested for binary compatibility, this is not a guarantee of compatibility. We highly advise staying with the recommended baseline Linux version.
    • BIG-MEM PATCH NOTE: The so-called Big-Mem patch is available for Red Hat Linux which will increase the 32-bit address space from the normal 2.8 GB to about 3.8 GB. Synopsys products have been tested successfully on systems with this patch. Red Hat however will not guarantee that systems with this patch will be able to execute all applications. Our advice therefore is to install this patch at your own risk. If problems are encountered running Synopsys products on systems with the Big-Mem patch, return to using systems that do not have this patch installed.

    Gold Platforms

    IBM RS6000 AIX 32-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: AIX 5.1
    • Recommended AIX 5.1 Runtime Patches: None
    IBM RS6000 AIX 64-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: AIX 5.1
    • Recommended AIX 5.1 Runtime Patches: None
    X86 Windows NT
    • Baseline Operating System: NT 4.0
    • Recommended NT 4.0 Runtime Patches: Service Pack 4a
    DEC Alpha Tru64 UNIX 64-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: Tru64 Unix OSF1 v5.1 (rev 732)
    • Recommended Tru64 Unix Runtime Patches: None
    Itanium 2 (IPF-2) Linux 64-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 2.1 (2.4.18-e.12smp Kernel) (WS, AS, ES)
    • Recommended RHEL v2.1 Runtime Patches: None
    AMD64 (Opteron) 64-bit
    • Baseline Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3.0 (WS, AS, ES)
    • Recommended RHEL v3.0 Runtime Patches: None