System-Level Design  

Accelerating Innovation from System-Level Design to Implementation  

Improve the productivity of the entire project team by addressing challenges at the front-end of both hardware and software design flows with Synopsys’ leading portfolio of system-level design tools, models and services. Speed development of your key SoC blocks with high-level synthesis and DSP Design targeting FPGA or ASIC as well as solutions for designing signal processing algorithms. Rapidly explore and optimize your single or multicore SoC architecture design. Use virtual prototyping and FPGA-based prototyping to enable pre-RTL and pre-silicon software development and accelerate hardware/software integration and system validation. Design and verify power electronics, mechatronic systems, and wire harnesses to improve the performance and reliability of automotive, aerospace and industrial systems. Our proven, system-level tools are supported by extensive libraries of pre-verified models to accelerate development and reduce risk.

System-Level Design Solutions 

High-Level Block Design

Rapidly create differentiated IP blocks through Algorithm Design, High-Level Synthesis, and DSP Design

Architecture Design

Quickly explore tradeoffs in your SoC architecture to achieve optimal product performance and cost

Virtual Prototyping

Accelerate pre-RTL embedded software development, hardware/software integration, and system validation

FPGA-Based Prototyping

Accelerate the creation of your ASIC prototype with high-speed hardware prototyping systems including a comprehensive software flow

Power Electronic Systems

Simulate and execute behavioral design, modeling, and simulation for power electronics, multi-domain systems, and wire harnesses

System-Level Models

Reduce risk and speed time to market with pre-verified models supporting industry standards for interoperability


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