DAC 2013:  IC Compiler Luncheon  

The Many Faces of Advanced Technology
DAC 2013: IC Compiler Luncheon Videolog
On June 3, 2013, Synopsys hosted an IC Compiler luncheon presentation during the Design Automation Conference (DAC). Attendees heard from industry experts in foundry, processor, wireless and consumer electronics companies, such as Oticon, Qualcomm, Samsung and STMicroelectronics that while “advanced” can have multiple facets, advanced design of any color is being done with IC Compiler. This video gives you a chance to hear from these advanced designers themselves.

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Guest Speakers
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson
VP R&D, Physical Design

Lars Kvisgaard Hansen Lars Kvisgaard Hansen
Stream Manager, Physical implementation

Domenico Genova Domenico Genova
CAD Manager, AMS Design Team

Mamta Bansal Mamta Bansal
Engineering Director, Physical Design
Qualcomm (Live presentation only)

Dr. Kee Sup Kim Dr. Kee Sup Kim
Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Design Center, System LSI Business
Samsung (Live presentation only)


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