Functional Verification 

Industry-leading High-performance RTL Verification Accelerates Innovation 

Increases in the size and complexity of today's SoCs have intensified the challenges of verification. Meeting these challenges requires advanced technologies and methodologies that ensure the highest design quality. The Synopsys suite of functional verification solutions are tightly integrated, best-in-class technologies that allow designers to find bugs quickly and easily, significantly improving the quality of the most complex designs and enabling first-pass silicon success. These tools include VCS, the functional verification solution used by leading SoC teams; VCS Xprop for X-propagation support for X-related simulation and debug; Verdi, the Industry's de facto debug platform for design and verification; ZeBu, the industry's performance and capacity leader in emulation; VC Verification IP, the industry's next-generation VIP; VCS NLP and VC LP for native low power simulation and low power rule checking; VC Formal Coverage Analyzer, for integrated formal analysis and coverage closure; Certitude, for overall verification suite quality measurement and debug; VC CDC for advanced clock domain crossing static checking; VC Formal for next-generation property checking, SoC connectivity checking and sequential equivalency checking; and HECTOR, for transaction-accurate C/C++/SystemC to RTL functional equivalence checking.


  • VCS
  • High-performance simulation more

High-performance simulation

  • VCS Xprop
  • X-propagation support for X-related simulation and debug more

X-propagation support for X-related simulation and debug

VIP that simplifies testbench development, provides better coverage and delivers significant improvements in simulation runtime performance

  • VC CDC
  • Next-generation CDC static checking solutionmore

  • VC LP
  • Advanced low power static rules checker solutionmore

Advanced static analysis pinpoints structural, coding and consistency problems in RTL descriptions

An intelligent voltage-aware simulation engine that understands the waveform nature of voltage and covers all power states, transitions and sequences

Functional qualification system

Billion Gate, Multi-user ASIC and SoC Emulation

High capacity, superior performance and the ability to program and check for complex hardware rules enables the early detection of design bugs

The strengths of advanced formal engines combined with the power of a built-in VCS simulation engine to verify properties on large, complex designs

High-performance testbench automation that delivers up to 2X faster verification runtime performance

  • Next-generation formal block-level consistency checker more

Delivers high-performance checks between independently developed models and exhaustive verification of successive design refinements all without testbenches, assertions or coverage.

  • BugScope
  • Improved functional verification for RTL designersmore

Full-chip assertion synthesis product that leverages design and testbench information to automatically generate assertions and functional coverage properties

  • High-performance and high-capacity simulation, advanced testbench automation, assertion verification, coverage analysis and SystemVerilog support in a single product
  • Most effective solution to find more bugs in less time
  • Based on industry standards to secure your verification investments

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