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PDK Development is More Difficult Than Ever
PDK development groups are under pressure as never before. The exploding complexity of CMOS design rules at 65/45nm and below has dramatically increased the effort needed to develop and maintain advanced process design kits. At the same time, many semiconductor companies are freezing or reducing the budget available for PDK development. PDK groups are caught in the middle: asked to produce much more complex design kits in the same or even less time; yet with no increase in resources.

PyCell Studio

There is a solution. PyCell Studio™ enables fundamentally, dramatically higher productivity in PCell development than the traditional approach. There are two main reasons:
  1. For the PDK developer, the PyCell architecture completely separates device geometry from process design rules. This enables the developer to focus on the geometry, without needing to understand the complexities of the process rules. The PyCell API constructs the actual DRC-correct geometry, and is capable of optimizing even to extremely complex conditional, DFM, fixed-pitch and other complicated constructs. This means the same PyCells can typically be used over a wide variety of processes. For example, the IPL library works with more than a dozen technologies from 0.25 micron to 40nm.
  2. PyCell coding is simply more productive. The PyCell architecture uses a modern API and the object-oriented Python language instead of SKILL®. As a result, PyCells typically require fewer lines of code versus comparable SKILL PCells, and execute faster in user designs.

In addition, many PDK groups are being asked to support other EDA tools besides Cadence Virtuoso®. PyCells are supported in all OpenAccess-compliant EDA tools used in custom IC design: Cadence Virtuoso, Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer®, Laker™, Mentor Graphics Calibre® and many others. SKILL PCells run only in Cadence tools without the use of third-party products like PCell Xtreme.

Best of all, everything you need to develop PyCells is FREE. Download the PyCell Studio development system and the Interoperable PCell Library.

PyCell Studio: A Better Way to Create PCells
PyCell Studio™ is a complete development environment for creating Universal OpenAccess PCells. This free product includes several components:
  • The PyCell API, a modern, object-oriented approach accessed using the open-source Python programming language
  • The PyCell graphical IDE, which allows users to open and examine any OpenAccess cell. A component of Synopsys’ PyCell Studio software, the PyCell IDE can open any OpenAccess block, select layout objects for examination, and manipulate PyCell parameters. The PyCell IDE also includes a built-in design rule checker that allows users to check the layout interactively.
  • The PyCell Viewer for quick interactive coding

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PyCell Studio is a free product, available for download now. It does not require a license manager or any licensing mechanism.

Platform Support
PyCell Studio is available on the following platforms:
  • Linux, 32-bit
  • Linux, 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows XP and higher