Synphony C Compiler
World-class high-level synthesis solution for accelerating the design of image processing IP

Synplify Premier
As part of the Synopsys FPGA Design Solution, Synplify Premier software performs FPGA synthesis for programmable devices sold by Actel, Achronix, Altera, Lattice Semiconductor, Silicon Blue and Xilinx.

Synplify Pro
Today’s FPGAs enable users to implement multi-million gate designs that include embedded processors, high-density memory, DSP blocks, high speed interfaces and many other IP. No matter which FPGA is chosen, the Synplify Pro FPGA logic synthesis tool helps users quickly create designs with the highest possible densities and performance.

The Identify product is a powerful FPGA verification tool that allows you to quickly find and correct functional design errors in hardware at system speed. The Identify software offers advanced triggering capability so you can focus precisely on the design portion you wish to view, at the time you choose to see it. Most importantly, there’s no additional effort required to interpret the results. You add the probes to instrument the design and observe the results directly in your RTL source code.

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