DAC 2010 IC Compiler  In-Design Technology Videolog 

IC Compiler In-Design Technology Delivers Improved Productivity For Faster Design Closure

At DAC in June 2010, industry experts at AMD, LSI Corporation, Renesas Electronics, Samsung, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments presented to over 200 Synopsys guests. The presenters explained how they relied on In-design physical verification with IC Validator for improved productivity and faster design closure.

Traditional implement-then-verify approaches result in lengthy design iterations due to late-stage surprises. IC Compiler’s In-Design technology dramatically reduces such iterations by enabling signoff accurate analysis and physical verification during design. IC Validator, EDN Innovation award-winning physical verification tool from Synopsys, unites the worlds of physical design and verification. Working in concert with IC Compiler, IC Validator allows physical designers to efficiently conduct signoff-quality verification during the design process, and ultimately results in a DRC-clean design that passes final signoff with ease.

Faster Turnaround Time with In-Design Physical Verification
John Chilton, Moderator
Sr. VP of Marketing & Corporate Development, Synopsys

Antun Domic
Sr. VP and General Manager of the Implementation Business Unit, Synopsys
IC Compiler In-Design Technology
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Davide Casalotto
Design Methodologies Project Leader, STMicroelectronics
Improving Design Turnaround Time with In-Design Physical Verification
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Ed Roseboom
Member, Technical Staff, AMD
Benefits of Signoff Tools in Physical Design
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Kyle Peavy
Physical Design Engineer, Texas Instruments
In-Design Physical Verification for Faster Time to Tapeout
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Koki Tsurusaki
Senior Engineer, Back-end Design Technology Development Dept.,
Platform Integration Division , Renesas Electronics

Shorter Turnaround Time (TAT) with In-Design Physical Verification
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Tom Luczejko
Principal Engineer, LSI Corporation
In-Design Physical Verification (PV) for Improved Designer Productivity
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Harpreet Gill
Senior Engineering Manager, System LSI SoC R&D, Samsung Electronics
Automated and Predictable Design Closure with In-Design Physical Verification
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