Apr 23, 2014UMC Certifies Synopsys IC Validator Physical Verification Tool for 28 nm
Certification Enables Designers to Realize the Power, Performance and Area Benefits of FinFET Technology

Apr 14, 2014TSMC Certifies Synopsys Digital and Custom Solution for V1.0 N16 Process
Certification Enables Designers to Realize the Power, Performance and Area Benefits of FinFET Technology

Mar 24, 2014Synopsys Unveils IC Compiler II, Enabling a Game-Changing, 10X Increase in Physical Design Throughput

Oct 14, 2013Synopsys and TSMC Collaborate to Deliver 16-nm Custom Design Reference Flow
TSMC Certifies Analog/Mixed-Signal Products for 16-nm Design Requirements

Sep 23, 2013Synopsys Implementation Solution Included in TSMC 16-nm Reference Flow for FinFET Design

May 13, 2013Achronix Tapes Out Industry's First FinFET-based System-on-Chip Using Synopsys' IC Compiler and IC Validator
Synopsys Uniquely Proven for the Emerging New Wave of FinFET-based Process Technology

Apr 15, 2013LG Adopts In-Design Physical Verification with IC Compiler and IC Validator after Multiple Successful Tapeouts

Mar 19, 2013Micronas Standardizes on Synopsys’ Design and Verification Solutions for Automotive Designs
Solutions Include Galaxy Custom and Digital Implementation, Discovery Verification Platform

Feb 07, 2013UMC Adopts Synopsys IC Validator for Pattern Matching-Based Lithography Hot-Spot Verification at 28 nm
Successful Collaboration Simplifies Design Closure for Manufacturing, Helps Accelerate Time to Silicon

Jan 22, 2013Synopsys Accelerates Adoption of FinFET Technology with Production-Proven Design Tools and IP
FinFET Technology Support Developed over Five-year Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Oct 15, 2012Synopsys and TSMC Collaborate for 20nm Reference Flow
Design Tools in Synopsys® Galaxy™ Implementation Platform selected in 20nm Reference Flow for Physical Implementation, RC Extraction, Timing Analysis and Physical Verification

Oct 11, 2012Synopsys and TSMC Deliver 3D-IC Design Support
Design Tools Selected in TSMC's First Integrated, Validated Reference Flow and Design Kit Enabling Multi-Die Integration Using TSMC CoWoS Technology

Sep 06, 2012Synopsys IC Validator Delivers Faster Manufacturing Compliance For 20nm and Below

Jun 04, 2012Synopsys and Samsung Deliver a Complete Solution for 20-Nanometer Node
Solution Includes Place and Route, Physical Verification, and Signoff Design Tools

Feb 09, 2012CSR Selects Synopsys for Advanced-Node SoC Design
Adoption of Synopsys Galaxy Platform Driven by Superior Results for ARM CPU-based SoCs

Oct 25, 2011eSilicon Selects Synopsys' Custom IC Design Solution and Tapes Out 28-nm Designs
Comprehensive Solution Enables Rapid Ramp-up and Delivery of Advanced Custom IP

Jul 11, 2011Synopsys Leads in Delivering Dual-Patterning-Compliant 20nm IC Implementation Support
Synopsys builds on award-winning IC Compiler Zroute and IC Validator In-Design Physical Verification technologies

Jul 11, 2011Synopsys Announces Milestone in 20-nm Collaboration with Samsung Electronics
Samsung successfully tapes out first 20-nm test chip using IC Compiler and In-Design Physical Verification with IC Validator

Nov 17, 2010IC Validator Qualifies for TSMC's 40-nm and 65-nm iDRC/iLVS Physical Verification runsets
Runset Availability Enables Faster Tapeouts with In-Design Physical Verification

Oct 12, 2010100 Tapeouts Underscore Rapid and Broad Acceptance of Synopsys In-Design Physical Verification
Top Semiconductor Manufacturers Standardize on In-Design Physical Verification with Synopsys IC Compiler and IC Validator

Jun 10, 2010Samsung Electronics Achieves First-Pass 32nm Silicon Success
Synopsys, Inc. today announced that Samsung Electronics' Foundry business (Samsung Foundry) has successfully taped out its first 32-nanometer (nm) system-on-chip (SoC) design using Synopsys' Galaxy™ Implementation Platform.

Jun 09, 2010Synopsys Delivers Design Enablement for TSMC 28-nm Process Technology
Addition of System-Level and In-Design Technology Support Further Enables a Path to Optimized Silicon

Jul 23, 2009TSMC and Synopsys Collaborate on Interoperable Unified Physical Verification Formats
Synopsys, Inc., today announced that its recently launched IC Validator DRC/LVS product now fully supports interoperable Design Rule Checking (iDRC) and Layout-Versus-Schematic (iLVS), the new TSMC unified physical verification formats.

Jul 16, 2009Achronix Deploys Synopsys IC Validator and IC Compiler for Next-Generation FPGA Design
Synopsys, Inc., today announced that Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, maker of ultra-fast field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), has deployed Synopsys' IC Compiler and the recently announced IC Validator, the newest addition to the Galaxy™ Implementation Platform, for designing their next generation of high-end FPGAs.