PrimeYield LCC 

Accurate, Production-Proven Lithography Compliance Checking 

PrimeYield is a comprehensive tool suite for design-yield analysis. Built for 65nm and smaller technology nodes, PrimeYield integrates design with manufacturing by accurately predicting design-induced mechanisms that threaten yield and by providing automated correction guidance to upstream design implementation tools.

Target Users
Layout and Physical Designers

Accelerated Time to Yield for Designers
PrimeYield Provides:

  • Correct analysis based on production-proven manufacturing data
  • Correlated automation guidance to upstream implementation tools
  • Complete modeling of all significant yield loss mechanisms

Production-proven Accuracy
The PrimeYield tool suite is built on production-proven technology and manufacturing models used by the leading foundries and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs). PrimeYield accuracy allows designers to focus on real potential escapes and avoid extra effort on false positives.

Predict and Correct Yield Issues
PrimeYield empowers designers by providing them with a tool that predicts and corrects yield-killing problems before tapeout―thus preventing such problems from threatening yield in key process areas—PrimeYield gives designers improved control over the manufacturability of their advanced 65nm designs. In turn, manufacturers are able to improve process efficiencies and minimize yield loss. The result: accelerated time to yield and time to market.

Comprehensive Solution for Critical Yield Issues
At 65nm and below, yield is highly sensitive to systematic issues, such as lithography errors. To address these critical yield issues, PrimeYield LCC flags potential lithographical errors and process-variation effects for the designer earlier in the design process, thereby saving designers several weeks of time.

PrimeYield Frequently Asked Questions