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"Innovations in Design Compiler have helped us achieve both high quality-of-results and rapid design closure for our designs."
Alain Duret, Chief Technology Officer
Abilis Systems

"Over the years, the complexity of our designs has escalated to meet the demands of the market, and Design Compiler has proven to be a very reliable choice to help us meet those demands."
George Chu, Vice President/General Manager,Ethernet Business Unit,
Atheros Communications

"Design Compiler's topographical technology cuts weeks off of our project schedules by eliminating the time-consuming iterations between synthesis and layout that were previously required to close on design goals."
Kazuyuki Kurosawa, Section Manager, QV Digital Camera Division,
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

"Design Compiler's topographical technology has enabled faster convergence of timing, area and power, helping minimize the impact of greater design complexity on our tapeout schedules."
Vishnu Yalala, Senior Engineering Manager, Networking & Communications Division,
Cavium Networks

"With convergence of timing, area, power and test in Design Compiler, we can achieve superior performance levels while also meeting our reliability goals."
Bill Lind, Director of Engineering,
Entropic Communications

"Superior performance coupled with higher predictability is what drives us to use Design Compiler for all our synthesis needs."
Young-Seok Baek, Principal Member, Application SoC Development Team,
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

"Design Compiler has been key to our achieving first-silicon success on a consistent basis despite increased design complexity."
Masami Matsuzaki, Director SoC Design Solutions Department, SoC Solution Division, Common IP & Technology Development Unit,
Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited

"Topographical technology in Design Compiler helps ensure success of our mutual customers, and provides them with the fastest path to high-quality products."
Mojy Chian, Senior Vice President of Design Enablement,

"Our success is driven by the timely delivery of highly reliable products to market. Design Compiler has made fast implementation time a reality by encapsulating synthesis and design-for-test into a single comprehensive solution that addresses our most challenging design and test requirements."
Albert Li, Director, Design Service Division,
Global Unichip Corp.

"Design Compiler has been essential in meeting our design schedules on time for many years, and it continues to evolve to address our most challenging requirements."
Yan-Qiu Diao, Director, R&D Operations,
HiSilicon Technologies

"Over the years, Design Compiler has delivered quality-of-results that exceed our design requirements. We have used Design Compiler to successfully tape-out hundreds of designs."
Rick Veres, Design Technology Manager,
Honeywell Microelectronics

"Synopsys Design Compiler has consistently evolved to meet the most demanding needs of IBM's ASIC customers."
Richard Busch, Director of ASIC Products,

"We continue to use Design Compiler because it has delivered extremely high quality-of-results for our complex designs and enables us to rapidly integrate new technologies."
Mark Dunn, Vice President Engineering, IMGworks,
Imagination Technologies

"Since its inception, Design Compiler has delivered comprehensive synthesis capabilities that have enabled rapid convergence of timing, area and power for our highly complex systems-on-chip."
Hartmut Hiller, Vice President, Design Methodology & Implementation,
Infineon Technologies

"Design Compiler is essential to the success of our products and to meeting our design goals on schedule. We have used it to synthesize virtually all of our digital designs."
Yong-Seok Kang, Principal Research Engineer, DIS Group,
LG Electronics

"We use Design Compiler for all our projects because it is easy to use and produces results that consistently exceed our synthesis requirements."
Kihyun Kim, Design Technology Team, Corporate Engineering,
MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd.

"We use Design Compiler with topographical technology for our designs because it delivers predictable synthesis results and correlates with IC Compiler."
Evelyn Landman,VP of back-end Engineering

"Design Compiler is our tool-of-choice for synthesis because it continually evolves to stay ahead on the technology curve."
Alvin Ling, Director of CAD Support & License Management, Technology Infrastructure Group,
National Semiconductor

"Design Compiler continually brings us innovative technologies that not only improve quality-of-results but also cut design time by delivering tight correlation with layout."
Jack Kao, Director of Design Service Dept.,

"For the last few years, we have used Design Compiler’s Topographical technology to find and fix design issues during synthesis to give us predictable implementation. We see Design Compiler 2010 synthesis results closely correlating to physical results, while accelerating placement in IC Compiler by 1.5X. This tight correlation between synthesis and layout, along with faster runtimes, is exactly what we need for reducing iterations and significantly shortening design schedules in 65 nanometer and smaller process technologies."
Shih-Arn Hwang, Deputy Director R&D Center

"Cutting design time and improving design performance are essential to keep our competitiveness in the marketplace. With the new physical guidance extension to topographical technology we are seeing 5 percent correlation between Design Compiler and IC Compiler, up to 2X faster placement in IC Compiler and better design timing. We are adopting the new technology innovations in Design Compiler to minimize iterations while meeting our design goals in shorter timeframes."
Hitoshi Sugihara, Department Manager, DFM & Digital EDA Technology Development
Renesas Technology Corp.

"Manufacturing highly reliable products at low cost is essential to our business model. Having design-for-test built into Design Compiler makes it easy to implement cost-effective test that simultaneously meets timing, area and power targets."
Hungbok Choi, Principal Engineer, Design Technology Team, System LSI Division,

"Our member companies are continuously seeking ways to cut design time to get to production faster. Design Compiler innovations such as topographical technology have been key to helping designers achieve higher productivity."
Nobuyuki Nishiguchi, Vice President, General Manager, Development Department-1,
Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center

"We have relied on Design Compiler to be ahead of the technology curve when addressing our design requirements. "
Nobuaki Otsuka, Senior Manager, System LSI Division, System LSI Design Dept., Semiconductor Company,
Toshiba Corporation.

"Over the years Synopsys has introduced cutting-edge synthesis technologies to help our designers and customers achieve a faster path to TSMC silicon. Design Compiler has been a vital part of the TSMC Reference Flow for 10 years."
Tom Quan, Deputy Director of Design Service Marketing,

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