PrimeTime SIG 2009 Videolog 

Increasing design size and complexity are putting tremendous pressure on design schedules. Static timing analysis (STA) and the newly emerging field of constraint analysis are key technologies used throughout the design process to accelerate design closure. As these technologies rapidly advance, it's essential for design teams to stay abreast of the latest developments to help maximize their effectiveness and throughput.

PrimeTime SIG 2009

In July 2009, Synopsys hosted two PrimeTime SIG events in Bangalore, India and San Francisco, CA focused on STA performance and productivity, as well as new timing constraints management technology. Hear what experts from leading companies had to say about taking advantage of the latest PrimeTime features to boost productivity.


T.W. Williams
Synopsys Fellow
T.W. Williams gave the opening remarks at the PrimeTime SIG event in Bangalore and highlighted the importance of community events and user feedback to drive product innovation.

Jagan Ayyaswami
Principal Manager, Physical Design Group, Qualcomm
Static Timing Analysis Performance–Enabler or Impediment?

Jagan Ayyaswami highlighted the challenges of timing signoff as designs grow in complexity and size, and shared Qualcomm’s performance results using the latest PrimeTime release.

Rajagopal K.A.
Technologist, Texas Instruments
Timing Constraints in Galaxy Constraint Analyzer

Rajagopal K.A. spoke about increasing design complexity and the challenges of timing constraints. He also shared results using Synopsys’ new Galaxy Constraint Analyzer at Texas Instruments.

Rich Laubhan
Manager of Design Integrity, LSI Corp.
Signoff Cycle Time Reduction with Increasing Design Complexity

Rich Laubman shared his observations about design complexity, schedule expectations and STA challenges, as well as, how LSI Corp. achieved signoff cycle time reduction using the latest release of PrimeTime.

Michio Komoda
Sr. Engineer, DFM & Digital EDA Technology Development, Renesas Corp.
Constraint Analysis and Debug

Komoda-san identified current approaches to address constraint challenges, highlighted features of Synopsys’ Galaxy Constraint Analyzer and shared Renesas’ results using the new tool.

Highlights from PTSIG at San Jose DAC

Highlights from PTSIG at India SNUG

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