PrimeTime Special Interest Group (SIG) at DAC 2014 

The Synopsys PrimeTime SIG is an active community for all PrimeTime users and design engineers who want to stay connected with the latest developments in the field of Static Timing Analysis (STA).

PrimeTime SIG at DAC 2014

A PrimeTime SIG event was held in San Francisco during DAC 2014, Monday, June 2, 2014. The topic was Accelerating Timing Closure with Advanced Technologies. Timing experts from AMD, ARM, Fujitsu Semiconductor, NVIDIA, and Rambus shared their experiences on how PrimeTime advanced timing technologies accelerate design closure on the largest, fastest, and most challenging designs yet. Synopsys R&D showed how PrimeTime can accelerate your design innovation with advanced technologies and help you achieve fast and accurate signoff timing closure.

Customer presentations are available for download from SolvNet.


Robert Hoogenstryd - Introduction
Sr. Dir. of Marketing for Signoff
Robert welcomed the audience and introduced the panel moderator.

Rob Aitken — Moderator
Rob moderated the SIG event and opened the event with an entertaining and informational set of slides to set the stage of gigascale designs.

Amit Goel
Amit highlighted 2X faster PrimeTime speedup every year and being able to run their XL chips flat overnight in mainstream machines. They shared the HyperScale tapeout success which saved them an additional 5 days in timing closure.

Wataru Shibamoto
Fujitsu Semiconductor
Wataru-san relayed a 2X faster every year message on their over 100M gate design with an additional 3X throughput with HyperScale.

Jim Fong
Jim mentioned how Rambus saved days in timing closure on a recent tapeout with 3X less iterations using physically-aware ECO guidance.

Rajit Seahra
Rajit highlighted successful deployments of advanced technologies including PrimeTime physically-aware ECO with ICC, HyperScale and POCV providing rapid design closure.

Jacob Avidan
Jacob shared PrimeTime continued enhancements in performance and capacity, accuracy and design closure, and the vision of what is coming next.

PrimeTime SIG Event Photos



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