Timing Constraint Analysis  

The rapid increase in design size and complexity, as well as the widespread reuse of IP design blocks, has led to a major increase in the size and complexity of timing constraint specification files. Ensuring high-quality timing constraints is paramount to efficient design implementation, especially during handoffs between teams. Incomplete, inconsistent or conflicting constraints can cause optimization and implementation tools to run ineffectively or to never converge. To address this challenge, PrimeTime provides a comprehensive set of rule checks designed to maximize the efficiency of implementation and timing analysis.

PrimeTime offers a broad range of analysis and debug capabilities to ensure your timing constraints are complete and correct, addressing one of the key causes of schedule delays. A dedicated constraint analysis engine ensures fast turnaround times – a million instances in a few minutes is typical. As well as checking the constraints for a given design, consistency between block and top level constraints can be checked, as can consistency between different constraint versions. Flexible reporting, comprehensive debug options and the ability to create custom checks allow issues to be quickly identified and resolved.

  • Signoff accurate constraints earlier in the flow
  • Significantly reduced iterations
  • Fast runtimes: multi-million instance designs in minutes
  • Very simple to integrate into existing Galaxy implementation flows

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Boosting Designer Productivity

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