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Oct 01, 2013Why does EUV Matter?
Lithography represents the greatest challenge to the continuation of Moore’s Law in its history. Even EUV won’t solve all problems.

Sep 19, 2013Mask Data Prep Issues Compounding at 20nm
Preparing a design to be printed at the mask shop has become increasingly more complex. Dealing with those issues requires embracing new technologies to prep a design.

Feb 25, 2013MagnaChip Selects Synopsys' Proteus LRC for Lithography Verification
Synopsys today announced the adoption of Synopsys' Proteus™ LRC by MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation, a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. MagnaChip uses Proteus LRC in their production mask synthesis flow to identify hotspot locations in designs that are sensitive to variations in the manufacturing process.

Jan 22, 2013Synopsys Accelerates Adoption of FinFET Technology with Production-Proven Design Tools and IP
FinFET Technology Support Developed over Five-year Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Dec 12, 2012Imec and Synopsys Expand FinFET Collaboration to 10 Nanometer Geometry
Imec and Synopsys today announced that they have expanded their collaboration in the field of Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) to next-generation FinFET technology at 10 nm

Nov 14, 2012Synopsys and TSMC Enable Lithography Compliance Checking for 20nm
Synopsys today announced the delivery of lithography compliance checking technology for the TSMC 20-nanometer (nm) DFM Data Kit (DDK) encapsulated with Synopsys?? Proteus mask synthesis technologies

Nov 05, 2012Synopsys Announces Adoption of its TetraMAX ATPG and Yield Explorer Tools by STMicroelectronics as Essential Enablers of Rapid Yield Ramp
Synopsys' solution has enabled ST engineers to quickly identify the most dominant systematic failure mechanisms on new designs, thereby driving yield improvement at a faster rate.

Jun 27, 2012SSMC Selects Synopsys' Proteus LRC
SSMC has deployed Proteus LRC in their production and development flows for post-OPC lithography verification to identify critical manufacturing hotspot locations that are sensitive to process variation and susceptible to increased yield loss.

May 30, 2012GLOBALFOUNDRIES Selects Yield Explorer for Faster Yield Ramp
Unique Fabless-Foundry Sharing Model Allows Automated Volume Diagnostics to Identify and Prioritize Systematic Failure Mechanisms

Apr 18, 2012Renesas Adopts Synopsys' Proteus LRC for Lithography Verification
Post-OPC Verification Solution Offers Lowest Cost of Ownership and High Accuracy

Jan 03, 2012Leading Memory Manufacturer Endorses Proteus LRC for Lithography Verification
Post-OPC Verification Tool Provides Highest Accuracy and Lowest Cost of Ownership

Mar 01, 2011Synopsys Introduces Proteus LRC for Lithography Verification
Proteus LRC provides comprehensive, process-window-aware checking features to identify locations in a design that are sensitive to process variations, thereby enabling corrective action to be taken prior to committing a design to manufacture.

Oct 28, 2010Carl Zeiss and Synopsys Collaborate on In-Die Registration Metrology for Photomask Manufacturing
Carl Zeiss and Synopsys announce a collaboration to support the ZEISS tool family for in-die metrology solutions for the 32-nanometer (nm) technology node and below.

Jul 13, 2010SVTC Technologies Selects Synopsys' Manufacturing Tools to Accelerate Time to Commercialization
SVTC Technologies has chosen Synopsys' manufacturing tool suite to enable its customers to reduce time-to-market for a wide variety of innovative products using CMOS processes, MEMS, photovoltaics and other related nanotechnologies.

Mar 23, 2010Renesas Technology Has Adopted Synopsys Proteus OPC for 28-nm Development
The 28-nm node pushes the limits for single-exposure photon-based lithography, and by selecting Proteus, Renesas can achieve their aggressive OPC accuracy specifications with improvement of process robustness.

Oct 28, 2009NVIDIA Adopts Synopsys Yield Explorer to Reduce Time to Volume
Design-centric yield management enables product engineers to achieve rapid yield ramp and provide cost-effective yield control in volume production

Mar 16, 2009Synopsys Announces Yield Explorer – Design-Centric Yield Management for Product Engineering Teams
Yield Explorer Demonstrates 10x Faster Volume Diagnostics Analysis with a Single Data-Bank for Design, Fab and Test Data to Identify the Source of Yield Loss

Feb 26, 2008Synopsys Unveils Proteus Pipeline Technology, Delivering a New Level of Performance
Synopsys Inc. today announced the capability to pipeline key manufacturing applications. The new pipeline technology delivers reduction in design-to-mask cycle time.

Oct 23, 2007Synopsys Customers Accelerate Yield Learning With Converged Test and Yield Management Data Flow
Synopsys, Inc. today announced general availability of the Odyssey Design-for-Test (DFT) module for use by design organizations worldwide.

Sep 18, 2007Nikon and Synopsys Announce Manufacturing-Aware DFM Solution for 45 nm and Below
Embedded Scanner Parameter Module Delivers Improved OPC Accuracy, Enhanced Model Predictability and Reduced Time to Silicon for Mutual Customers

Sep 11, 2007Voltaire and Synopsys Introduce High-Performance Compute Solution to Reduce Cycle Time for Semiconductor Mask Manufacturing
Voltaire Ltd. today announced they are developing a high-performance compute (HPC) cluster solution for semiconductor mask data-preparation (MDP) applications.

Jun 12, 2007Synopsys and Hitachi High-Technologies Deliver Enhanced OPC Modeling Speed, Accuracy and Predictability
Synopsys, Inc. today announced that they have developed a seamless link between Hitachi High-Tech's DesignGauge design data measuring system and Synopsys' Proteus optical proximity correction (OPC) solution.

Feb 27, 2007Synopsys Proteus OPC Delivers Superior Cost of Ownership on Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture
Optimized x86-64 Hardware Offers Superior Price/Performance for OPC Compared to Custom Hardware Platforms