Production-Centric Yield Management for Wafer Manufacturing 

Synopsys’ Odyssey product line consists of multiple components to satisfy the unique requirements of semiconductor wafer manufacturing. Odyssey Defect is a production-proven defect data management solution chosen by over thirty-five manufacturing sites worldwide. Odyssey is also a complete in-line Yield Management System that analyzes semiconductor production and test data in order to quickly identify tools and processes that impact yield.


Synopsys’ Odyssey product line consists of multiple components to satisfy the requirements of today’s modern semiconductor fabs. Odyssey Defect is a production-proven defect data management solution has helped over thirty-five manufacturing sites manage their defectivity issues. With over fourteen years of developmental history, Odyssey Defect provides real-time lot dispositioning, SPC alarming and a complete set of defect analysis tools to help fab engineers resolve both random and systematic yield issues. A true 24x7 system, Odyssey Defect delivers results efficiently and reliably, leveraging error-correcting processes to assure users of maximum up time. Odyssey Defect has an open and vendor-neutral architecture that supports all inspection, review and classification tools with a full range of interactive charting, wafer mapping and reporting capabilities.

  • Easy-to-use native Odyssey GUI enables high productivity of manufacturing personnel
  • Tool neutral, with all inspection and review tools supported equally. Automates in-line defect analysis to reduce diagnosis cycle times
  • Best-in-class functionality includes easy to create and maintain analysis templates, which can be shared across the fab and triggered by fab yield excursions
  • Real-time, server-based defect source analysis (DSA) , SPC functions and automatic wafer sampling and export (dispositioning)
  • Interactive spreadsheets and maps permit drill down to problem sources in minimal time
  • Stable ORACLE database and highly reliable product with low maintenance support for 24x7 fab operation
  • Integrated automation features allow users to collaborate faster to address root cause analysis in minutes (not days!)
  • Now available on LINUX.

Odyssey Figure 2

Odyssey YMS is a complete yield management solution which combines defect, bin sort, bit fail (memory), metrology, parametric and WIP (MES) data and allows for cross-correlation of any data set against any other data set.

  • Takes yield data and drills down to the problem tool using the WIP history
  • Investigates memory bit fails by overlaying defect data and calculating kill ratios, then applies the stored kill ratios to current production data to project final yield
  • Uses WAT or final test parametric data to map deviations across wafers and lots
  • Data mining features allow fast identification of most probable yield issues

Odyssey YMS may be purchased in its entirety, or as individual modules. It is therefore an ideal choice for both smaller “legacy product” fabs, or for full 300 mm production fabs which need to continuously access real-time yield impact data.

  • Supports defect, bin sort, bit, parametric, metrology and WIP data sources
  • Accommodates all numbering, naming and orientation conventions across all data types
  • Stable ORACLE database and highly reliable product with low maintenance support for 24x7 fab operation
  • Permits correlation across multiple data types in order to expedite time-to-results when critical yield issues arise
  • Complete interactive charting, mapping and visualization tools to facilitate analysis
  • Easy-to-use templates for repetitive analyses may be shared across the fab and automatically triggered
  • Direct export to Excel, PowerPoint and company intranet enhances yield issue communication by daily sharing of critical fab data

Odyssey Figure 3

Optional Odyssey Modules
Additional modules integrate and manage critical manufacturing data to improve yields and productivity by quickly correlating many different data types to determine the root cause of manufacturing failures. These modules include several powerful analysis engines including Abacus bit signature engine, DSSA Sentry for automatic defect signature detection and classification, StatTool statistical analysis and charting package, and a real-time Kill Ratio engine which populates the database at load time. Other available Odyssey modules include:

  • 25XX™ Eliminator: connects defect inspection tools directly to Odyssey-Defect without the need for a 25XX system
  • Process2 Eliminator: multiple location forwarding capabilities and AutoDSA using Odyssey-Defect without the need for Process2 software

Odyssey Figure 4