Yield Management 

Optimizing Yield and Accelerating Innovation   

Semiconductor IC production is an inherently complex flow, starting with the design of a new chip, through the stringent manufacturing process, and ending with product test and distribution. The data analysis required to monitor and enhance yield is a huge challenge, especially as data volumes grow large and diverse with shrinking technology nodes. Product-specific design-process-test interactions have further complicated the path to root cause identification, making it harder for engineers to develop a clear understanding of the nature of yield limiters. Synopsys products address these complicated analysis requirements with product capabilities tuned for specific user groups.

  • Tools

Yield Explorer aggregates design, simulation, test and manufacturing data to accelerate yield relevant decision making from weeks to hours.

  • Odyssey
  • Production-Centric Yield Management for Wafer Manufacturing more

The Odyssey product line consists of multiple components to satisfy the requirements of today’s modern semiconductor fabs.

  • Avalon
  • CAD Navigation and Debug Solutions for Failure Analysismore

CAD navigation standard for failure analysis, design debug and low-yield analysis. Avalon is the next generation of Camelot.

  • SysNav
  • CAD navigation for PCBs, multi-chip modules and stacked die applicationsmore

Layout visualizing and signal tracing CAD navigation solution for PCB, multi-chip module (MCM) and stacked die applications

Customizable yield-management software that helps achieve and maintain high yields by allowing engineers to quickly collect, correlate, analyze and share critical data.