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Magic Blue Smoke
Magic Blue Smoke is a blog dedicated to discussing the challenges of low power ASIC Design
Godwin Maben

The Standards Game
For many years, OpenAccess had promised to bring interoperability to the industry via a common standard database. Albeit fraught with challenges as it evolved, it has ultimately enabled a leading EDA provider (my company, Synopsys) to make a significant entrance into the custom/analog/mixed-signal IC design market.
Karen Bartleson

Verification Martial Arts
In SystemVerilog, unlike C, you don’t have to explictly free dynamically allocated class instances. Like most modern programming languages, SystemVerilog includes a garbage collector that frees memory that is no longer needed.
Janick Bergeron Design Entomologist

Analog Insights Blog: Analog/Mixed-Signal Design and Verification
Observations and views from 3 of Synopsys’ top AMS/custom design technologists.
Fred Sendig, Kishore Singhal, Bob Lefferts

A View from the Top: A System-Level Blog
This blog will deal not only with the shift towards adoption of virtual platforms but with ESL technologies in general.
Achim Nohl

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