Synopsys Products Classification Matrix  

The following is a list of Synopsys, Inc. commodities, technology, and software products, and the corresponding License Exceptions and Export Classification Control Numbers (ECCN). This matrix is not intended to replace the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) but to be used in conjunction with the EAR to assist you in the export of Synopsys products.

Export Administration Regulations

For additional information and definition of the respective ECCN's, please refer to the following document: Definition of Export Classification Control Numbers

NLR = No License Required
TSR = Technology and Software under Restriction
ENC = Encryption commodity and software for non retail

License Exception/
ECCN Number

Note from Synopsys Corporate Export Compliance Department:
You are responsible for exporting Synopsys products in accordance with the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations. The mere fact that a product is listed on Synopsys product matrix as being eligible for export under No License Required or under a License Exception does not mean that all exports of that product actually may be effected under that authority. Other factors, such as the end-user, end-use and country of ultimate destination, may affect the export licensing requirements. You are urged to consult with either Synopsys Export Compliance Department, Export Administration Regulations, the Bureau of Industry and Security or other appropriate sources before exporting Synopys products from the United States.

Prohibited Destinations
Synopsys, Inc. commodities, software, technical data and direct products thereof may NOT be EXPORTED/RE-EXPORTED, either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, to the following U.S. embargoed or restricted destinations or entities of: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria without prior written authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry & Security and Synopsys Corporate Export Compliance Department.

If you require further assistance please contact Synopsys Corporate Export Compliance Department at:
Synopsys, Inc.
700 E. Middlefield Road
Mt. View, California 94043
Telephone: (650) 584-5275
Telefax: (650) 584-1583