Sentaurus TCAD
Sentaurus is a suite of TCAD tools which simulates the fabrication, operation and reliability of semiconductor devices.

Synopsys TCAD Services
Synopsys TCAD Services targets the optimization of processes and devices using TCAD tools and the investigation of technology development and manufacturing issues using process and device modeling methods. TCAD Services offers calibration, simulation, model development and consulting to customers.

ESD Services
TCAD device simulation can identify and investigate ESD-relevant effects and the internal behavior of the device under ESD stress conditions, which are not generally accessible by measurement. In particular, TCAD can be successfully used to study 3D effects arising from device layout or inhomogeneous current.

Stress Engineering Services
Synopsys TCAD Services offers a range of services to address device optimization and process integration issues in stress engineering, including adding mechanical stress and advanced classical or Monte Carlo device simulations to customer process flows, exploring new structures and processes, and extending simulator capabilities.