FPGA-Based Design 


Synopsys’ FPGA design solution is a comprehensive suite of tools that together provide FPGA designers with the necessary features to deliver any FPGA-based design to market faster and with the lowest design risk. The combined tool suite of Synplify Pro® and Synplify® Premier synthesis, Synphony Model Compiler, and Identify® RTL Debugger provide designers accelerated time to first hardware with deep debug visibility, fast integration of fixes and optimal performance for FPGA-based products.

Synplify also supports specific market requirements like high reliability techniques that allow for operational reliability in high radiation environments such as satellites, human safety areas such as factory floors and data centers requiring the ability to run, reliably, 24/7.


FPGA Logic Synthesis

Synplify Pro — Quickly explore tradeoffs in your FPGA design to achieve optimal product performance and cost

Advanced FPGA Design

Synplify Premier - Achieve fastest time to hardware, simulator like debug, high reliability design, and automation of FPGA-based prototyping

FPGA Debug

Identify - Accelerate your time to market with a high speed, simulator like debug environment running at system speed

DSP Design and Verification

Synphony Model Compiler - Create FPGA-based DSP centric designs by utilizing a comprehensive high-level model library within the Simulink environment

Advanced Solutions

Synopsys offers a broad portfolio of FPGA design technologies for high reliability and functional safety for automotive, industrial and space


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