Synopsys at IoT Developers Conference

IoT DevCon is designed specifically for IoT product developers and managers. Industry leading influencers present trending perspectives on how the IoT will affect business and product development, and present a look into the future of what IoT will bring.

Join Synopsys for a demonstration and presentations about the advantages of integrating Bluetooth low energy IP and implementing high-speed MIPI camera and sensor interfaces in IoT SoCs.

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Synopsys Demo

High-speed camera interface and sensor connectivity with DesignWare MIPI CSI-2 and I3C IP solutions

Location: MIPI Alliance booth  

Synopsys Presentations

Advantages of MIPI Interfaces in IoT Applications

In addition to sensors, high-resolution cameras are key enablers of IoT devices. The challenge for IoT designers is to find a solution that delivers low power consumption and high performance, while meeting cost constraints. MIPI CSI-2 is a proven interface in the mobile market, and because of its successful implementation, it is being utilized in new applications like IoT and virtual/augmented reality devices. The new MIPI I3C specification delivers a cost-effective solution that enables multiple sensor connectivity in a simplified architecture. This presentation defines the MIPI CSI-2 and I3C specifications, and describes their implementation, as well as power and performance advantages in IoT SoCs.

Presenter: Hezi Saar, Staff Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
April 27 @ 10:00 a.m.

Fearless Monolithic Integration of Bluetooth IP

While there are many technologies available for wireless connectivity, Bluetooth with low energy features has emerged as the standard of choice for IoT applications such as wearables/nearables. The new Bluetooth 5 is expected to enable smart home applications with extended reach and higher speeds. To meet their design requirements, designers must decide if they should integrate wireless technologies in a single chip or leverage off-chip solutions. This presentation details the benefits of integrating wireless technology such as Bluetooth low energy in a single SoC and explains how designers can reduce the cost and power of their IoT SoCs with a compliant IP solution. A brief outline of the newly released Bluetooth 5 features will also be given.

Presenter: Ron Lowman, Strategic Marketing Manager for IoT, Synopsys
April 27 @ 2:30 p.m.