5 nm Big Ideas

for Small Technology

Enablement Beyond the 7 nm Horizon

Synopsys’ long track record in being the leading enabler of FinFET tape-outs – continuing to sit above 90% - was built on the foundation of the quality of the tools throughout the Synopsys Design Platform, the depth of our experience, prominence and relationships within the total design ecosystem and our continued focus on blue-sky innovation. As market forces continue to accelerate node progression, that groundwork and leadership ensures that as we push towards the physical limits of silicon, Synopsys is actively working to ensure that these new nodes will deliver.

The 5 nm, 3 nm, and 2 nm nodes are already in sight.  By leveraging our experience in device enablement, enabling technology convergence across synthesis, implementation, and signoff, we are confident that whatever challenges present themselves moving forwards, that we are ready to make our customers successful in bringing their highly differentiated products to market.

Transistor Architecture for the 5 nm Node and Beyond

Addressing the challenges of 5 nm and beyond

The Industry's Leading IC Design and Signoff Technologies

New technology process nodes including 5 nm and 3 nm are being developed and readied for deployment. Get up to speed on the latest developments in the tools that enable today's production processes. To learn more about synthesis, implementation and signoff technologies from Synopsys, please follow the links below to the solutions pages for each category of products.