Penetration Testing

Eliminate vulnerabilities in your server-side applications and APIs

You’ve hardened your perimeter, set up intrusion detection, and increased your monitoring. Yet, your applications may still provide hackers with a route to your sensitive data and files. Our penetration testing replicates the steps a threat agent can take to exploit your vulnerabilities, demonstrates the impact, and provides clear guidance to fix them.

Pen testing experts

We’ve got the skills to hit the target—every time

Our pen testers have extensive experience building software—not just trying to break it. They leverage this experience to pinpoint business-critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance. As a result of our pen tests, you’ll know exactly how you can improve your security posture.

If it has software, we can test it

Platforms that collect and share sensitive data are desirable targets for hackers—and prime candidates for penetration testing.

A complete arsenal at your fingertips

We combine multiple testing tools like automated scans and in-depth manual tests to get the most comprehensive security assessment of your client-side applications. We’re also able to perform various types of high-quality penetration tests across many different types of software at scale.

pen test remediation

We’ll help you perfect your aim

At the end of each assessment we will review each vulnerability identified during the assessment, answer any questions that your team might have around each vulnerability, and discuss mitigation and remediation strategies.