Embedded Software Testing

Test for vulnerabilities in a resource-constrained environment

Software defects in embedded devices can have a large impact on the reliability of systems upon which people's lives and livelihoods depend. That’s why testing embedded software is a crucial component of development.

Our crew will keep you on track

Our crew will keep you on track

We understand the unique resource constraints and security concerns of embedded devices. We have the experts and tools necessary to assess how difficult it is to exploit each vulnerability and determine what the impact would be if an exploit is successful. We use those details to give you standards-based risk ratings to help you fine tune your remediation plan.

If it has software, we can test it

From automobiles to medical devices to industrial control systems, if it’s got software it can be hacked. Embedded devices no longer operate in isolation, but instead work as a system, utilizing the Cloud and mobile devices to create the Internet of Things. Fortunately, we have solutions to help you improve your software security with…

Turbocharge your embedded software testing

Our risk-based systems approach combines three tracks of analysis:

  • Communication analysis
  • Client analysis
  • Server analysis
We’ll help you cross the finish line

We’ll help you cross the finish line

At the end of each assessment, we conduct a read-out call with your development team to answer any questions it might have, help prioritize which vulnerabilities need to be mitigated, and provide specific mitigation guidance.