Software Security Program Design and Development

Make sure your software security initiatives are in sync

Our experts draw on their experiences working with hundreds of organizations to help you define, implement, and measure a software security initiative (SSI) to reflect your evolving development and deployment environments. 

Strengthen your team by working together

The right security strategy brings together everyone in your software development life cycle, from testers and developers to executives and product owners. We’ll help you create security policies, standards, and metrics that align your organization along shared goals.

Make security your competitive advantage

Stay at the forefront of your industry by establishing a strong software security program.

Measure Results

From 0 to metrics in 6 easy steps

How do you know whether your SSI is successful at reducing risk and meeting business goals?

We do the heavy lifting

Our strategy team has decades of experience working with clients of all sizes and industries. We’ll help you build a software security initiative that fits your development process, your risk profile, and your organizational structure.

Create a software security initiative that is built to last

Create a software security initiative that is built to last

We’ll help you integrate security into every aspect of your development process, your company culture, and your business process. Having a strong security foundation builds customer confidence and sets your organization apart in a crowded market.