Software Security in Financial Services

Protect the growing assets of your company and clients

Client trust and privacy are two of the most critical success factors in the financial services industry. However, the industry’s dependency on the ability to collect, share, and move sensitive data exposes members to potentially significant losses as well as liabilities and costs as a result of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Compliancy isn’t enough to thwart malicious attacks.

Compliancy isn’t enough to thwart malicious attacks.

An active defense that builds security in is critical to protecting against threats that are exponentially smarter with each attack. Find out how financial services can build more secure software by integrating security into their SDLC.

Protect your clients’ privacy and strengthen their trust in you

We help you determine the essential steps and processes toward developing a more comprehensive software security strategy through:


Get an objective, data-driven view into your current software security initiative.

We have a long, and distinguished record of serving financial services.

We count 16 of the top 20 commercial banks as our customers.

Enjoy the fruits of our labor

Enjoy the fruits of our labor

We empower clients to ‘Build Security In’ by integrating security practices and processes into the large development shops common to the financial services industry. This ensures that testing is injected at the right time and at the right level by their development team to prevent security vulnerabilities.