DevOps and Security

Keep development running smoothly

DevOps enables you to release features and fix bugs faster than ever before using Agile methodologies, CI/CD processes, and open source tools. However, traditional security activities can’t seem to keep up with this fast-paced tempo. How can you make sure security doesn’t get left behind?

Don’t let security trip you up

When done correctly, implementing security early in your SDLC can actually speed up the following process:

How to navigate the intersection of DevOps and security

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Are you handling bugs or handing them off?

Ignoring security bugs won’t make them go away. Instead of waiting to fix security vulnerabilities until after they wreak havoc on your applications, treat them like any other bug within your DevOps process.

Go the distance with DevOps

Ready to learn more about streamlining security into your development/operations process? We offer courses and content to expand your expertise.

Release secure code faster and more often

Release secure code faster and more often

As organizations evolve their IT culture to DevOps by focusing on rapid service delivery through the adoption of agile and lean practices, we enable teams to inject comprehensive application security testing at the right time, at the right depth, with the right tools and processes, and with the right experience.